• PassivSystems

2013-05-21 14:45



PassivSystems, founded in Newbury, UK, in 2008 is an award winning connected-home business and a leading player in the European home energy management market. The company is led by a seasoned management team from the energy, telecoms and service sectors and aims to help people reduce wasted energy, increase comfort and save money.

PassivEnergy is an integrated wireless home energy management system. Its smart software and algorithms control a property’s heating and cooling, hot water, and renewable installations. Wasted energy is eliminated by automatically adjusting heating and cooling conditions according to home occupancy, thermal characteristics and weather conditions.

PassivEnergy is designed to integrate with renewable energy systems such as solar PV panels and heat pumps, and ultimately all energy consuming devices in the home. With easy to use in-home controls and smart phone apps, the system gives the user more control by allowing them to fine-tune and monitor energy use in real time.

Home Reports ensure the consumer is regularly updated on the energy performance of their home, the impact of their behavior, energy savings options as well as proposing the next most valuable energy efficiency intervention for their home.

On average PassivEnergy saves customers over 20% on their heating bills. Since over 20% of the UK’s total emissions coming from domestic heating, this creates the potential for significant carbon emissions reductions.


The PassivLiving Professional platform provides channel partners, property managers and service providers with visibility of the performance of renewables and other energy systems across multiple property portfolios. 

PassivSystems is working with UK Government organizations like the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) on projects such as a field trial of microgeneration and energy management in real homes. It is also collaborating on research and development projects with four UK universities..

PassivSystems is a partner of The Climate Group’s SMART2020 technology program.